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at death's door

A Feature Screenplay
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When his father dies, a small-time thief returns home and learns the family business—running a funeral home—includes guarding a Gateway to Hell. He’s not a great thief or a great son, but he’ll have to step up or there’ll be Hell to pay…literally, like, the apocalypse.

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Death runs in this family...

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Film Festival

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at death's door

Hour Long Pilot
Goldman Laurel (QF).png

Quarter-Finalist -SWN Screenplay Competition 2021 Goldman Award


Semi-Finalist - Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards

Quarter-Finalist - Jamaica Screenwriters Residency Program 

Midnight in the desert

A Joshua Tree Anthology

A Podcast about real-life paranormal activity gets more than they bargained for when they accept an invitation to record urban legends in Joshua Tree, California.

Soon enough, these individual tales blur, and the self-absorbed hosts find themselves in a story of their own.

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A nostalgia fueled pilot

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In 2004, a video store manager has to keep his store in business while dealing with his rocky long-term relationship, misfit employees, and a chain competitor.

2nd Place! -SWN Screenplay Competition 2021


Semi-Finalist - SeriesFest Storytellers Initiative 

Quarter-Finalist - Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards

Second Rounder - Austin Screenplay Festival

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Goldman Laurel (QF).png
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